Make $ 1000 in 30 Days With CPA Marketing

 Do you want to earn thousands of dollars with just one simple CPA Marketing method? Are you interested in using a viral blade marking method that has the power to change the entire game? Do you want to use a simple copy-paste strategy to make thousands of dollars crafted for complete beginners? Then this article is just for you. 

Make $ 1000 in 30 Days With CPA Marketing 


In this article, our reveal is a straightforward start out to you that I've used personally to make $1,000 with CPA Marketing and we'll show you everything in detail in a step-by-step approach so you can easily follow all the steps and earn from day one. If you follow this method properly, you can make ten grand in a matter of days by focusing on the right niche and the right videos. 

CPA Marketing Step One


You have to visit the CPA marketing website Cpagrip and create a free account. You can do so by clicking on the register button. Then type in your first name, last name, and company name, and fill in all the mandatory sections. Then the publication type is the only one that matters to getting approved. So you can choose between a website consent and GPT options. This will get you approved immediately.

CPA Marketing Step Two 


Now go to the website boxofficemojo and I'll teach you how to utilize these top trending movies to earn money. You can earn thousands of dollars by getting more than $2 for one view. And you'll be generating thousands of views with this method. Now check out the newly released movies that are trending on the movie charts. So let's take the example of the movie Top Gun Maverick For this article, this movie is denied hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

CPA Marketing Step three 


Now you have to go to the website to systeme and create a free there. Next, you have to create a sales marketing funnel which is very easy to make. And I will show you all the steps. So once your account is approved, you can go to the section funnels and start creating the sequence.

CPA Marketing Step Four 


Now you can name your funnel, a CPA Marketing funnel, and then click Edit. Next, you have to go to the section step configuration and have to give it a name. So write Page to watch in this box. Then click on Edit. Start creating your website. This is a free website creator and has a very easy process. 

CPA Marketing Step Five 


Then you have to add a title for the page. So here you write Top Gun Maverick Then write, and watch for free. And then you need to trailer the movie. So for that, you have to go to YouTube and search for the Top Gun Maverick trailer. Then click on the video and copy its video URL. Then paste the video URL into the video section of the website. You have to choose Video type as the Direct link and then insert the video URL in the section URL.

CPA Marketing Step Six 


Now go to the website cmovieshd this is a popular website for watching movies of all genres for free and in high definition. So scroll down to see all these blockbuster films. You can use this method for any movie of your choice, but I would recommend only the top Ten movies as most people would want to watch them. It'll generate a lot of traffic for your CPA Marketing offer.

I would also suggest that you apply this method within the release period of the movie and this time frame has a golden opportunity for all movie lovers to flock to these movie websites. This way you can generate millions of views for your CPA offer.

CPA Marketing Step seven 


Go to the movie Top Gun Maverick and then click on watch movie. Now you'll come to this new page where you can stream a movie for free. Here you have to take a screenshot of this page. Make sure the entire page is highlighted with the video player so that viewers can see that the content is genuine. Then go to the website that you are creating as a screenshot there. 

Here you can choose the upload option, choose a screenshot image, then choose Insert, and then you can edit the image to make it a bit more prominent. Then add some texted screenshots such as watching the full movie without any ad interruptions for free and HD. Click here to watch the full movie. 

CPA Marketing Step Eight 


Next, go to the website CPAGrip and go to the section Monetization Tools. Then choose the option URL file locker. Then click on Create and then scroll down to I Agree to the Terms of Service and check the box.

This step makes sure that you provide the service that you're promising the audience, which in your case is watching the movie for free. Now copy the URL of the movie from the CMoviesHD website and paste it into the section-locked URL. Then write the text complete a survey below to complete human verification and continue to Top Gun Maverick. 

CPA Marketing Step nine

Then change the number of offers to five so people can choose the offer they want to participate in. Then in the text button, right? Complete human verification. Then in the name section right Top Gun Maverick. Next click save. Now click on the option get links and copy this link. Then go back to the website system where you are creating your website. Here click on the option Pop-Ups and then click on this little I icon. Then click on the button and this is the place where you have to insert this newly created URL. Then click on the button save Changes step test. 

Now you have to click on the exit door icon and go back to the main editor. Then to see your newly created website, click on the eye icon to see a new page. This looks amazing. You'll see all the details of the movie on this newly created website and people will be instantly drawn toward it. When someone visits this website they will see the trailer of the movie and then would want to watch the complete movie. So to do so they will complete the human verification process and will complete your hidden scene CPA survey offer in the process. This is how you'll get paid for each completed CPA Marketing offer.

CPA Marketing Step Ten

Secret traffic generating step. And now I'd want to offer you a secret thousand-dollar opportunity. By sharing a high-quality traffic source that drives millions of visitors to your website, you can earn $100 daily for four days straight with every movie. Now select the final URL of the website that you've created and click on Copy. 

Then go to the Website Adforens Comforts and create a free account on this platform. Then go to your profile and click on Account Details. Then in the section website, insert your final website URL. Now this will display your website link whenever you publish a new post. So if you're interested in promoting Marvel movies, there is a complete section on this forum for Marvel fans. You can choose any category of films such as DC films, horror movies, or any science fiction film. 

The options are endless with this strategy. Make sure you choose a film that has a huge audience. As you'll create more money with more views, you simply have to create a couple of posts about the movie and its release dates, information, and trivia to get people's attention. You can also interact with people, answer any questions and show your dedication towards the movie and its fans will make you a part of the community. 

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You don't have to worry about the content of the post, as there are tons of reviews and trivia available on Google for every newly released movie. So you can simply copy-paste the content and make it a bit more interesting and share it with the members. Then you can share the website link and say that they can watch the movie for free using your link. This is going to be a game changer for you, as you can easily create a six-figure income with this method. 

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